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RaffertyTableHockeyGames.com is a family owned and operated business in Laguna Hills, California. Our family believes in truth, justice, and the American way.

Our family is passionate about the game of table hockey and want to share our joy of playing table hockey with you plus your friends, family, and associates.

Four of our five family members play for fun and recreation. Four of our five family members also play in table hockey tournaments. (Mrs. Rafferty says thanks, but no thanks.)

Kevin Rafferty is currently the number 1 ranked table hockey player in the United States of America by both the International Table Hockey Federation (ITHF) and the United States Table Hockey Association (USTHA).

Sean Rafferty is one of the top 25 table hockey players in the USA.

Brian Rafferty is the number 3 ranked junior (players born 1994 and later) in the USA.

Molly Rafferty is the number 2 ranked female table hockey player in the USA.

Kevin began playing table hockey as a child growing up with his three brothers. The Rafferty boys received a table hockey game for Christmas one year -- and the rest is history!

Kevin -- now over 50 years of age -- shares his love of table hockey with boys and girls and men and women of all ages. Kevin runs the Southern California Stiga Table Hockey League (SCSTHL) -- the largest table hockey club in all of North America.

Kevin is an elementary school principal and hosts once-a-month, free, table hockey tournaments at his school for boys and girls, older brothers and sisters, moms and dads, friends and neighbors, table hockey enthusiasts, and first-time table hockey players. Players range in age from five to one hundred five. The top player at each monthly drop-in table hockey tournament earns a championship trophy to keep!

If you live in Southern California (Orange County) or will be visiting the area, please get in touch to play some table hockey. For more information: www.tablehockeyrocks.com
Email: RaffertyTableHockeyGames@gmail.com

Adults remember playing table hockey as a child. Some call it "old school!"

Today's kids -- sadly, sometimes -- have not seen the game. It is not sold in stores in the USA.

Table hockey games are sold via Internet-based companies like ours.

Table hockey is not electronic. No batteries required.

Table hockey is completely, manually operated. It requires fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. Players are controlled by metal rods that travel in tracks below the ice surface.

Puckhandling, passing, shooting, scoring, playing defense, and goaltending are all accomplished by moving the metal rods and twisting with your fingertips. Table hockey is similar to foosball -- with a greater degree of fine motor skill involved.

One of the great things about table hockey: no matter where the hockey puck goes on the rink at least one player on the ice can always reach it to play the puck. There are no dead spots. No need to ever move the puck with your fingers on the ice surface.

Another great thing about table hockey -- age is no barrier. Kids are on an equal playing field/ice surface with adults. Many kids develop the skills needed to beat grown-ups.

Currently, the top ranked table hockey player in the world is a 22-year-old from Finland.

Table hockey is ideal for two players.

Table hockey is recommended for players age five and above. A certain level of fine motor skill and eye-hand coordination are necessary.

Table hockey can be played as doubles teams -- with two players on each side.

Also, youngsters can play goalie while the older child or adult can play with the five skaters. The goalie control rod is located at the left corner of the game.

RaffertyTableHockeyGames.com is an authorized Stiga Table Hockey dealer.

Kevin earned his doctorate degree in educational leadership at USC. As an educator, students, teachers, staff, and parents know him as Dr. Rafferty.

You will know Kevin as a great guy who helps to get a Stiga table hockey game into your hands. Kevin will help you -- like he has helped thousands of others -- to experience the thrill of playing table hockey!

Customer service is our number one priority.
We want you to get your game.
We want you to play table hockey!
We want you to have fun!

We will support you in any way that we can.
We can help you find more table hockey players in your area.
We can help you to find and enter table hockey tournaments.
We can help you to organize and host your own table hockey tournament.

Table hockey is the next best thing to playing ice hockey.

Hockey fans of all ages will love playing table hockey!

CAUTION: Playing table hockey may be habit forming.
Table hockey is so much fun that you will want to play more and more and more.